My to-be-read list of doom...

Here is the list of all the books I want to read or re-read (because, for most of them, I read those so long ago that I don't remember them at all). I'll try to make a dent in it, but I'm easily distracted by new authors I like or by a book that caught my eye in the library.

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This list is by no means complete, I'll expand it when I think of more books I want to read.


Hodiday Season

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year in advance. Let's hope 2016 is better than 2015 concerning terrorrists attacks (I live in France : two in one year were two too many). I also hope you all a wonderful year, with all the habitual (but heartfelt) wishes : health for you and your loved ones, enough money to not lack anything. I also hope 2016 is filled with reading (fanfics or published books) and writing.

Fanfic Rec : BBC Sherlock

This is an outstanding character study concerning Mycroft (and his mother : written before season 3 aired, so it's not canon now).

Title : All the Lonely People
Author : pir8fancier (the same one from the Harry Potter fandom, author of Let's Pretend the War is Over and On one's Knees)
Fandom : BBC Sherlock
Warnings : none
Summary: Mycroft has tea with his mother twice a month. John and Sherlock become flatmates.
Length: just over 4,000 words
Rating : mature
Pairings : John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft/other male character

Enjoy, and leave the author a comment or a kudo!

BBC Sherlock Fanfic Rec

I hope everyone is having a good week. If you like Mystrade and are looking for a long fic, look at this rec...

Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Title : Human Remains
Author : Saziikins
Summary : When Greg Lestrade met Mycroft Holmes for the first time he wasn't quite sure what to make of him. But nine years down the line, he could never have dreamed that this was where they were going to end up. AKA: A slow-burn Mystrade, starting in 2005 and covering all three seasons of Sherlock.
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade
Warnings : mentions of violence, drug use
Word Count : 425,000 words (or a BIG novel-length fic)

harry potter final fight

Harry Potter Rec : Wizards IN SPACE!

OK, I read this fic yesterday and I was wow-ed! It's a non-linear future fic and it works.

Fandom : Harry Potter
Title : Children of the Light
Author : lomonaaeren
Rating : Mature
Pairing : Harry/Draco
Warnings : graphic violence
Word Count : about 12,000
Summary : Wizarding children of the future learn about the Dark Lords that led up to the Great Dark Lord. They learn about the House-Elf War that was fought against the Great Dark Lord and almost destroyed the foundations of society, but ended with freedom and peace and an escape to the stars. But they don’t learn about Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. Those names have been expunged from the record.